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Awareness Training Program on Social Accountability


MSPThis course is aimed at delegates wanting to gain an initial understanding of ethical supply chain management and SA8000. It will be of interest to those involved with designing and implementing a social management system as well as for companies wishing to train decision-makers on supply chain management approaches.

Course Description :

This course provides you with the fundamentals of social accountability and the social accountability standard SA8000. After completing the course you will be able to teach your colleagues how to work with suppliers, understand and address the principles of SA8000 principles and how to apply the principles of SA8000 to your own organisation and supply chains.

The course gives an overview of what drives social auditing in terms of social awareness and risk. The course also examines the business responses to supply chain risks, the challenges that can be encountered and how certain procurement practices can contribute to poor working conditions and rights.

Learning Objective

The course contains comprehensive coverage of social accountability and ethical supply chain management as a discipline and SA8000 as an approach to auditing these risks.


We strongly recommend that students have knowledge of certifiable management systems and some understanding of human rights and workplace rights prior to taking this course.

Course Programme

• An introduction to ethics, human rights and working conditions in the context of globalised trade
• An overview of what drives risk in the supply chain
• How companies can approach ethical supply chain management (reassurance)
• The history of SA8000, its requirements and the certification process
• The challenges that can be faced in auditing to the SA8000 standard
• The stages of SA8000 certification
• Current worldwide status of SA8000
• Group work, case study and discussions to encourage understanding of
∙ Perception and boundary of responsibility
∙ Human rights inside and outside the company
∙ Practical application and dilemma surrounding discrimination

The course is supported by a wide range of practical exercises and examples. It can also be tailored to individual companies and run in-house. A two-day version for the automotive industry is also available.

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