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Awareness Training Program on Quality Management

ISO 9001:2008

MSP’s 2 day Internal Quality Auditor Training Program as per the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 19011


When an organization implements or practices ISO 9000 Quality Management systems, conducting internal quality audits are a mandatory requirement. Internal quality auditors must have the knowledge, skills and attitude to evaluate the quality management system for adequacy, suitability and effectiveness. They have to be trained to interpret standards and understand auditing techniques.


After completing this course participant should be able develop knowledge and skills to answer the following questions:

- Why perform internal audits?
- What are your responsibilities as an Internal Auditor and how can you contribute to improvement?

- Why and how do you plan internal audits in relation to the identified risks and to your company’s business goals?
- How do you conduct an effective audit in a constructive and positive environment?
- How do you report and communicate audit results in a manner which creates impact and inspires change?
- What is the purpose and content of ISO 9001 and ISO 19011?


This course is suitable for delegates from all backgrounds, including Individuals, Teams, or Organizations wishing to monitor Quality Management System Performance and identify improvement opportunities through the use of Internal Audits.



Day 1

• Interpretation of ISO 9001:2008 standard
• Principles of Quality Management Systems
• Elements of ISO 9001:2008
• Process Approach & Process Modeling
• Principles of Auditing
• Audit Planning – Pre Audit Activities

Day 2

• Interpretation of ISO 19011 Auditing Standard
• Auditor Competence
• Audit Management
• Post Audit Activities
• Non Conformities – Writing & Classification
• Audit Reporting


• Lectures
• Group Work
• Case Studies
• Discussions


MSP will issue a certificate of completion to successful participants based on performance during the course.


This means it is under no external financial or shareholder pressure and can present itself to the market as a truly independent body. MSP‘s objective is to “Providing Value Added Services For Safeguarding Life, Property & Environment”.

All management system certificates are not equal. MSP offers more than a ticket to trade. When partnering with MSP, you begin a journey toward business improvement, and ultimately business excellence.

We facilitate certification process for various standards by leading agencies & authorities like Det Norske Veritas (DNV), Intertek, B.V.Q.I, T.U.V. etc.

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