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Social Accountability


With a social accountability system, you can address social and moral aspects of your business. Implementation of a social accountability system communicates to customers that you work to ensure a civilized workplace for all your employees.

Incorporating corporate accountability into your operations means that you strive for a balance between the environmental, social, and economic performance of your business. It means that you assign to working with employees, community, and society at large to improve their quality of life.

A social accountability system addresses the working conditions of your employees, incorporating widely accepted international labour rights. It is a way for retailers, brand companies, suppliers, and other organizations to maintain decent working conditions throughout the supply chain.

Implementing a social accountability system can give you an advantage, as consumers are increasingly becoming ethical shoppers. They want to know that the products they buy have not been manufactured through exploitation of workers. Consequently, it can improve your relationship with non-governmental organizations, governments, and the public in general.
A clear commitment to social and ethical principles can also make you a more attractive employer, as employees are increasingly looking to go to work for companies with which they can identify. Letting your employees know that you care about their welfare can also increase productivity. Loyal employees are committed employees.


There are a number of ways of demonstrating your commitment to internationally recognized labour standards. Experience has shown us that implementing a social accountability system is a good way to show to customers that you have taken steps to protect workers’ rights and ensure ethical production of all goods made by your company.

Certification can also help you find out strengths, weaknesses, and improvement opportunities. MSP auditors use our Risk Based Certification™ approach to assess how well your social accountability system supports the areas of greatest importance to you, in addition to measuring compliance against elected standards.
Partner with MSP for solutions that strengthen confidence in your supply chain management performance.


We can help you with a wide range of supply chain solutions, from code of conduct audits to training to help on how to report your performance.

We provide certification of your social accountability system to the international SA8000 standard. The standard is appropriate to any small or large company wishing to maintain decent working conditions for its employees.

The road to certification will help you prepare for an independent audit. Qualified certification will explain what MSP’s Risk Based Certification process entails.

To get on the road to certification, you should begin by reading about the SA 8000 standard, which can help companies of all sizes address unfair and inhumane labour practices